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Heartlands from Robert Ormerod on Vimeo.

Resurrection of Eddie Troy Multimedia

10:11 03/09/2012

In the last three years, Eddie Troy has rebuilt his life.
For 15 years, he was entrenched in a hopeless cycle of drug addiction: smoking crack and injecting cocaine. Eddie was in and out of rehab six times.
This lifestyle reached its low-point after spending $400 on drugs one typical Friday night. “The next day my son asked me for change for a soda, but I didn’t even have a penny. After getting high again that night, I broke down and just couldn’t go on. I fell to my knees praying for help.”
He hasn’t touched drugs since.
Today Eddie is a husband, a foster parent, a devout Christian minister, a self-employed contractor, and a well loved and respected member of the community. He provides plumbing, electrical, and carpentry services to many of the citizens of Macon.

Red Road Multimedia

10:06 03/09/2012